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Feb 18, 2010

Around My House This Morning
Ripening is what is going on around my house. Laura opened an avocado and exclaimed, "This is not ripe." I saw the label and it read, "Ripe when soft". I noticed we have a lot of things ripening. The other avocados, mangos, of course the obligatory bananas, and (s)pineapples too. "All tropical.", I thought.

I have not been listening to the radio lately. I realized that I have not heard the president in a couple weeks, expounding as he does in his distinctive way. I feel good, like I have just gotten home from vacation. Like I have to think for a moment to figure out what day it is.

I just realized: I woke up with the theme from the British tv show "Benny Hill" cheerfully replaying again and again in the room that is inside my head. You know, that bawdy, impish saxophone solo at the begining and end of the show where Mr. Hill is chasing or being chased by girls in bikini's.

We have an old cook book called the New Vegitarian Epicure. I noticed that the dogs had tried to eat it. I got up off the floor from wrastling and snuggling with them to let them out and I decided to step out with them.

I know that first breath of fresh air when I first step out in the morning always smells the best. The subsequent air does not hit me the same way as that first faceful. Today's smell: Late Winter Morning Sunshine and the Smell of Melting Snow.

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